Make it Monday #makeitmonday

It’s too hot for trying to get in the Christmas mood but I’m trying anyway! Click the link for more photos.


Make it Monday #makeitmonday

This week’s efforts were a birthday card for a colleague whose mum is 60 and a personalised one for a neighbour who is 85 today.

Pretty pleased with the results. I’ve also sold 5 cards now so I’m getting there.

Make it Monday #makeitmonday

I've been busy again this week. Making cards and crafting for me is my little bit of mindfulness and I always feel more relaxed and calm if I have a chance to expel some creative energy.
I've felt really good this week and the creative juices have been flowing. 9 cards this week and here they are. I have taken them into work in the hope that some of them sell so fingers crossed.
Some are simpler than others but I've been trying lots of different techniques so hopefully there's something to suit everyone.

Make it Monday #makeitmonday 

I’ve been busy busy busy lately. Not only have I made loads of cards but I have been making giant paper flowers for a window display competition at work. On July 25th it’s Hot Pennies here in Honiton where in the early 1800’s the rich people of the town heated up pennies and then threw them at the poor children as alms. Well it still goes on although the coins aren’t as hot as they once were. 

There is a window competition to celebrate this and I have entered. Fingers crossed.

So this week there are several cards as well as stages of my entry as well as the finished article.