Let Them Eat Cake!

Last week Simon’s mum Judy had what you would call a significant birthday. She celebrated her 80th. Everyone was ready to celebrate, including Judy, who loves to be surrounded by her family and friends. Above is the lady herself celebrating with her three children.

She chose the venue, The Golden Lion at Tipton St John, the scene of her 70th. People were invited, menus emailed and plans for the event made.

My contribution was the cake. In fact it was a very large fruitcake. 16 inches of cake using my go to recipe. I worked out how much of everything I needed and bright and early one Sunday morning mixed it all up. I have to admit that it was so large that it took me an hour to mix it and another 4 hours to cook it. I wasn’t planning on going anywhere that day!

Once it came out of the oven it took several hours to actually cool down enough for me to feed with some whisky and wrap it ready for marzipanning the following Sunday.


imageNext Sunday came the icing and decorating but what I haven’t actually said is that during the making of this epic cake, I had been making fondant roses to decorate it with. Now, I had never made them before but I had made some daisies to top some cupcakes a few weeks before and fancied giving it a try. Plus I’d made paper roses before and well, the principal must be the same right!

I bought some modelling fondant and that was it. These are my first attempts. I bought metallic pink and used some of that mixed with white to change the colour and then added some gel food colours so I ended up with four different shades of pink.


My poor work colleagues had to put up with me talking about them for about a month so for that I sincerely apologise. They’re probably really glad it’s over with but dreading the next thing.Anyway, I left the icing to dry out for a week before putting on the flowers and I will admit now that my newest favourite thing is edible glue. Fantastic stuff. Without it there would have been fondant roses all over the boot of my car!

Enough excitement I think. Here is the cake in its stages of decorating.



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