Before the weather changes. 

Yesterday was a lovely day but unfortunately I had to work in the morning. But with the aid of my trusty friend and colleague Rachel, I reported the rubber plant that we have in the library. 

He looks a lot happier now. His pot was far to small and he was about to burst out of it!

But it did put me in the mood for a bit of reporting and gardening so when I got home, I grabbed my new long handled loppers and lopped off some bits of an overhanging rose at the top of our back wall. I then potted up a tomato plant kindly given by Rosie from work and repotted my lovage plant, given by Rachel. 

Actually used some the other day instead of coriander and it worked. 

Anyway it’s now in a suitably rustic pot. 

My salad leaves are coming up brilliantly and my spring onions are sprouting. After all that, I decided to sit out and read my book. I walked into the house, picked up my book, told Simon what I was going to do and the clouds came over so it was a bit too dark. Typical. 

But everything is looking good. 




At last. 

I can now share the photos of the 18th birthday card that I made for my nephew. 

Couldn’t do it before as he would have seen it. 


I had great fun making it. But what did we do before Pinterest? At least the addiction has its uses!