First Attempts

There have been a few things I have wanted to try for a while. Crafty things that is, I’m not that brave!

I have wanted to try Quilling. I don’t know why. Whether it’s the fact that it’s a bit fiddly could have swung it. Plus the fact it involves glue. Who doesn’t like a bit of glue between their fingers every now and again? Go on, admit it.

Well, working in a library gives me the opportunity of finding resources and books to cover a whole host of subjects and I’d be really stupid not to avail myself of them every now and again wouldn’t I?

I requested two or three books on the subject and yesterday two of them arrived. In fact several cookery books and a couple of fiction titles too so I won’t be short on reading for a bit. My bag was really heavy and I nearly did myself an injury getting them in from the car. Can’t do that, won’t be able to craft.

Anyway, this morning, after being awoken by two cats jumping on me and using me as a trampoline! I did a few houseworky things as you do and then dived straight in. 

This is my very first attempt at Quilling. I’m quite pleased but have now had to move rooms in the house as I think my next door neighbour is either completely rebuilding her house from the inside out or has an unhealthy obsession with builders and workmen! Too noisy.


I will try something else a bit later on as I have a few ideas running around my brain and they need to be unleashed before they drive me mad. But for now, I’m happy.


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