Culinary Alphabet E

Well E is for egg.
This left us with far too much choice so we decided we should make something that just uses one egg.
After having a think Rachel, frances and myself decided on a cake mix. Yep, one of those ready mixed, just add minimal ingredients boxes.
We decided as well that we would all make the same one.
3 separate kitchens, 3 different ovens, not the same equipment.

We are all making a Greens Lemon Meringue Crunch. This is because Frances has already made this before and has been telling us how yummy it is so it seemed right that we went for that one.
She’s already made and eaten hers too.


Now I have to admit that I haven’t really enjoyed making it. I drew no satisfaction from the fact that everything was already measured out and ready for me. I don’t mind if anyone wants to cook by numbers if you see what I mean but I think I prefer to measure and weigh everything and have a bit more control.

This is it when it came out of the oven.


This is Frances’ effort……



Well, we’ve eaten a piece each and it was ok but to be completely honest, I won’t be making it again!


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