Culinary Alphabet E

Well E is for egg.
This left us with far too much choice so we decided we should make something that just uses one egg.
After having a think Rachel, frances and myself decided on a cake mix. Yep, one of those ready mixed, just add minimal ingredients boxes.
We decided as well that we would all make the same one.
3 separate kitchens, 3 different ovens, not the same equipment.

We are all making a Greens Lemon Meringue Crunch. This is because Frances has already made this before and has been telling us how yummy it is so it seemed right that we went for that one.
She’s already made and eaten hers too.


Now I have to admit that I haven’t really enjoyed making it. I drew no satisfaction from the fact that everything was already measured out and ready for me. I don’t mind if anyone wants to cook by numbers if you see what I mean but I think I prefer to measure and weigh everything and have a bit more control.

This is it when it came out of the oven.


This is Frances’ effort……



Well, we’ve eaten a piece each and it was ok but to be completely honest, I won’t be making it again!


L is for….

Well, there’s no surprise really that L is for library.

On Friday 12th September, Honiton Library, the library for which I am supervisor, was 40 years old.
This was no mean feat as when it was built all those years ago, the councillors all thought it would only see the town through 20 years!
Mind you, it has only lasted the 40 because the staff and the use of the building has adapted over time.
We have a tenant in the Citizens Advice Bureau and have a whole host of local groups and charities using our space and it makes you feel quite proud that they want to be a part of what we have.
We are going through a public consultation at the moment and we don’t really know what the next stage of the library service will be so I wanted to do something that we could celebrate and look forward to.
Our Friends group have been raising money for some author events as well as a party for staff, ex-staff and people from various agencies who have supported us over those past years.

We started last Monday with a visit and talk from author Veronica Henry.
We all loved her last book and were busy recommending it to everyone else.


She was fab. Really interesting. She talked about her writing and how she started off her career and how it had evolved over time. I learnt loads about her and her writing process. We were lucky to get her too as she was off at the end of the week to France for a residential writing course.


Then on Friday we had the party.
It was great. It started with fish and chips for tea with Brenda as she didn’t have time to go home first either. Very nice.
The staff didn’t really know who was coming and I wasn’t just being self controlling by not getting them to help. I wanted them to be guests and not have to move things and serve drinks for once. I had the Friends for that!

We had a gorgeous cake made by The Farway Cake Fairy who happens to be one of my favourite library users too. I only told her the basics of what I wanted but she did us proud.



I didn’t take as many photos as I wanted to as I was busy hosting but I’ll add some of Rachel’s later. We had a raffle in honour of Jenny, the librarian before me as she was famous for her raffles and competitions.
We raised £42 for the new Honiton Hospicecare Day Centre that’s being built around the corner from the library. A very big Thank You to everyone there.

The next thing is a visit and talk from author Graham Hurley on Wednesday.
He’ll be selling his books too so I hope that goes well.
The Friends are paying for all of our author visits so that tickets can be free as a Thank You to the Honiton library users.

Fingers crossed for Wednesday.

D is for……Culinary Alphabet

Well chaps, if you’ve seen Rachel’s blog posting you’ll already know that D is for dates.
I’ve had my dates for about 3weeks but time hasn’t really been on my side so I only got round to cooking with them this weekend.
I’d already decided what to make though and luckily, even though Rachel cooked about a dozen datey delights, I came up with something different.


I made a sticky toffee pudding using Nigella Lawson’s Easy Sticky Toffee Pudding recipe. I had made it before and she also has a brilliant self saucing chocolate pudding recipe and hey! Who doesn’t like a nice gooey pudding?

The messiest bit was the chopping of the dates. I have to say that even though I dusted my date pieces with flour before mixing them in the batter, they all sank to the bottom so we had a gooey pudding with a chewy datey layer but Simon and I both agreed that it tasted good which to be honest is what it’s all about.

Here’s the finished article……



And finally, before is go away and think of eggy things for the next post, here’s the recipe in case you want to give it a try.

Mmmmm, wonder if Simons left me any? I’m quite peckish now.


K is for…..

No prizes for guessing I’m afraid.
K is for knitting.

I didn’t take a book to read when we went away the other week. I was carrying a rucksack so took some knitting instead.
I decided that I would make another pair of fingerless mitts as a possible present.
I was given a bag of wool a few weeks ago and in amongst the treasure was a ball of 80% wool and 20% alpaca! perfect for keeping those hands warm as the weather gets cooler.

I have knitted the same pattern before and it’s super easy and effective.


I’m now knitting the following as a possible present (for an adult) but I’d quite like one for myself to be honest. I’m knitting it in navy blue with a white skull and crossbones though.

Watch this space for the finished article.