A proper make with a possible shake.

Strange title I know but if you actually read the name of my blog it will become clearer, Promise.

I’ve been doing the culinary alphabet blogposts as well as the random a-z and the Silent Sundays but I have been a bit slack on the real deal to be honest.

Have I felt bad about it? Yes. Because I promised myself to do them and I make things all the time and don’t post them which makes any follower think that I don’t do that much, when I do. Really.

Anyhow, I have had a list of things I want to do and as we were away in Guernsey on holiday 2 weeks ago and back at work this week, fitting enjoyable pastimes in gets a bit tricky. Especially when you work full time and there are accidents on the way home 2 evenings running! Still, I wasn’t involved so I must be grateful.

I have been rummaging around in the freezer and been trying to make some extra room! Ha. I discovered, well more remembered that I had a large bag of blackberries in there from last year. Taking up room that I really could use for something else. I started dreaming of pies and crumbles. Well it was raining and a bit chilly outside. I didn’t want to make jam so decided upon Blackberry and Mint cordial as I have rather a lot of mint growing in pots outside and it reminds me of summer.

I pulled out the bag and after unwrapping them, left them in a large pan to defrost. This is where I skip nearly 48 hours. I didn’t poke or prod. Just left them in an icy lump to defrost.
When I got back from a rather horrendous day in the library where we got nothing done as it was so busy, I felt the need to be productive.
Sugar and water was added, hadn’t weighed the berries so guesswork was needed and I brought it all to the boil and let it bubble unstirred for about half an hour.

I then turned it off and added 3 large stalks of mint, shoved them underwater and left it for about an hour. In the meantime I got my bottles ready by making sure they were clean and filling them with hot water.

A cup of tea and something to eat later! I removed the mint stems, crushed down the fruit a bit more (handy potato masher) and poured them into a deep bowl through a fine sieve.

Tasted, yum, then bottled, it looks lovely. I had 2 Kilmer bottles and 2 empty Jack Daniels bottles, all cleaned and de labelled.


Simon arrived home and saw and smelt the end product then declared it a cross between Ribena and mint sauce! Great.

After tasting it, he decided he loved it and would happily drink it as is.
My intention is you use it as a cordial or add it to cocktails so watch this space as a cocktail might well follow.


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