J is for….

Well, this is the first time that I have been harassed into writing my blog.
The reason for it will become clear but my harasser is my other half Simon.

It begins with a story. So I hope that you are sitting comfortably, if you need a wriggle first then get it over with now.

Now, we begin. At the beginning of the summer holidays, we decide what activities we are going to do in the library over the 6 weeks. While perusing the internet, I was shocked to discover that Elmer the Elephant was 25 years old. I know. 25! Andersen Press were asking everyone who was interested to have an Elmer Parade and tweet photos with a possibility that you could win a visit from Elmer himself. We can do this, I thought. A nice craft and then a parade round the library. Excellent. One event down.
The plan was for everyone to wear their brightest clothes on the day but as usual this wasn’t enough for me.
Someone gave me a copy of a knitting book with a pattern for an elephant hat. I fell. It had to be knitted.

I knitted and planned to put it together when Simon was working. Now at this point you need to know one thing about Simon. He adores elephants. Always has. As I was making the hat for me, I wanted to try and keep it secret from him. All went well until a couple of weeks ago and I was busy stitching the trunk to the actual hat. He was on a safety day, I was on a day off and I expected him home at about 5.30 – 6pm. He appeared at about 2 pm! And caught me sewing up an elephant hat.

“Is that for me” he says. “No” I reply.
His face fell and he was quite upset.

I did promise though that after the event, he could model the hat for my blog. So this morning, the first day of our week off, we went off for a drive in the Morgan to take some photos.


That was me, these are Simon…..



Now you might have noticed the smile on his face. He wore it and the hat, for the whole time we were taking photos and the whole journey back home.
Plus, he has now claimed the hat, so if I want one, I’ll have to knit another one!

So this blogpost is J for Jumbo and definitely J for Joyful.

And if you’ve never seen an elephant park a car, here you go!



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