C is for……Culinary Alphabet

Well C was meant to be in July but to be honest, July disappeared in a blur.
Plus, Chocolate was the C and to honest it was so hot that we didn’t fancy chocolate at all.
I came up with a plan to make it work but then did nothing until the end of the month. Time only goes quickly when it suits itself!
I made chocolate and banana ice cream. I swished up 2 ripe bananas ( you know the ones, you pick them up from the fruit bowl and they are so ripe they practically peel themselves) anyway, these were swished up with some double cream and some Sweet Freedom chocolate paste. It promises no lumps and by Jove there isn’t.
It whipped up nicely and I threw it into a freezer proof container and placed it in the freezer.


I actually forgot it was there until we sat down to watch Thor: The Dark World the other evening. Quite aptly as it happened because I removed it from the freezer and it was so solid that I had to wait for it to thaw a bit.
Not quite true, I got impatient and carved it out of its freezer proof bowl!


It was really tasty although the overripe bananas took over a bit. If I make it again then there would be more chocolate involved. But it’s reasonably healthy and it tasted really good.

D next. I better double check what it is……………


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