Culinary Alphabet B

B is for butternut squash.
And mine was made into butternut gnocchi with sage and Parmesan.

I chopped and peeled the squash, drizzled it in olive oil and baked it then when cool, mashed it and added some flour, an egg and some crushed garlic. Sage was picked from outside and chopped before adding.

The mixture was then rolled into sausages, chopped into pillows and dropped into boiling water until they floated to the top.

They were then scooped out and thrown into melted butter then sprinkled with Parmesan when plated and lastly eaten.


Watch out for C!

G is for…

Well I’m writing this whilst have intermittent internet access so I have no idea when it will be published.
Here goes.
G is for gardening, growing and geraniums. The other weekend I had a weekend of planting, trimming, watering and reorganising. I only have a courtyard garden so everything has to be carefully thought through to make sure it all fits.
Simon helped me repot my Christmas tree as it was a two man job and the following week I discovered what looked like small plastic blobs all over it. It’s now covered in light green, feathery new leaves and it looks lovelier than it did before.
Simon’s mum Judy also gave me some agapanthus bulbs about five years ago and every year I have had masses of leaves and no flowers. After a bit of feeding I am chuffed to bits to find not one, not two but three flower buds.
Excited or what!
I have also bought two geraniums to go in between all of the cool greenness of my courtyard. A nice splash of deep pink and red until I get tomatoes and dwarf bean flowers.

F is for…

Well, F is most definitely for Food!
I had to take this photo as this is just what’s on offer this morning for only 3 of us at work.
Chocs from a grateful library user we helped, scones from a Friends coffee morning ( there were many more…) cake from someone we have given a minuscule amount of space to in our stockroom and flapjack from another friendly library user.
Now we all know the secrets of losing weight is to eat less and move more but some days you can’t move more because you are full of the goodies lovely people supply.
We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings do we?