Culinary Alphabet – A

A is for asparagus which is one of my favourite vegetables. Unfortunately I feel that I have let down the other two thirds of the tidy trio in the early stages of our photographic task.
Everything has conspired against me.
Simon has been on lates which means that he hasn’t been around for food and I eat a lot less when I’m not cooking for two. Also, even though we are off this week, we’re not really at home as we are in Cardiff at the moment,London tomorrow and in Cornwall for a few days at the end of the week so it turns out that I’m not cooking this week! Bliss. Unless you have a cookery challenge to take part in!
Anyway, my English asparagus was bought and I needed to use it. My plan was Salmon and Asparagus Lasagne but Simon was out on Saturday evening and then we had errands to run and a cricket match to visit on Sunday so all I ended up doing with my veg was to lightly sauté it in butter with a grind of black pepper. And I apologise now to the vegetarian third of the tidy trio as we ate it alomgsde a very nice steak and bab new potatoes.
Photos as follows…….




2 thoughts on “Culinary Alphabet – A

  1. Looks great Linda – and it’s a perfect way to start. Asparagus is so tasty cooked and served like that so there’s not really any reason to do anything else to it! Hope you’re having a lovely week x

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