A is for…..

This is the first of my random alphabet photos.
I actually have two for A. I know, I’m just being greedy.
My first A is for Abstract.

That’s abstract I hear you cry! I can actually hear you groaning now.

I bought some fabric to make a dress and I bought it online. I loved the pattern but when it arrived I discovered a flaw in my plan.
I eagerly unwrapped my parcel and was slightly shocked to find the abstract pattern that I had fallen for was a lot bigger than I expected.
I think the large pattern might swamp me but I’ll carry on and hope. I did stitch quite a lot of it at the weekend but have to finish the sleeve edgings, hem and then make a belt.


My second photo is Acrylic.

I bought some acrylic paint and some different size canvases and my intention is to paint some pictures for my walls and to possibly give as presents.
Even though it was a Bank Holiday weekend, I ran out of time. Those pesky library books kept calling…….



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