D is for…

Dwarf French Beans.
Went shopping at the weekend for compost and returned home with this wicker cage enclosing a pot of dwarf French beans.
Just have to find pots for the tomato plants my colleague Carole gave me now.



C is for…..

Well I’m quite excited about this one, in fact, you’ll find out just how sad I really am.

C, my friends, is for carrot.
I can hear your bored sigh from here!

Let me explain. When we were in Cardiff last week (another C) we visited a fab shop called Tiger. I can only describe it as a Danish IKEA. It sold lovely, lovely things, simple shapes, bright colours and lots of stuff that was decorative but useful. You may well be wondering what this has to do with carrots, let me explain. One of these decorative but useful objects that I just had to have was a carrot sharpener.
Yes, you read correctly, a carrot sharpener.

I will explain in pictures……


You use it thus…….


To make these…….


B is for…..

B is actually for Bacardi, Birthday, Breaking Bad and Barbecue chicken!
I have just had my birthday and had lots of lovely presents and an overnight stay in Cardiff. So now, while chomping on my birthday chocs, Thank You Rachel, I am watching Breaking Bad ( nearly finished season 3) while drinking a Daquiri made with White Bacardi rum.
B would have been Buxton as well but he jumped just as the photo was being taken. Typical.


Culinary Alphabet – A

A is for asparagus which is one of my favourite vegetables. Unfortunately I feel that I have let down the other two thirds of the tidy trio in the early stages of our photographic task.
Everything has conspired against me.
Simon has been on lates which means that he hasn’t been around for food and I eat a lot less when I’m not cooking for two. Also, even though we are off this week, we’re not really at home as we are in Cardiff at the moment,London tomorrow and in Cornwall for a few days at the end of the week so it turns out that I’m not cooking this week! Bliss. Unless you have a cookery challenge to take part in!
Anyway, my English asparagus was bought and I needed to use it. My plan was Salmon and Asparagus Lasagne but Simon was out on Saturday evening and then we had errands to run and a cricket match to visit on Sunday so all I ended up doing with my veg was to lightly sauté it in butter with a grind of black pepper. And I apologise now to the vegetarian third of the tidy trio as we ate it alomgsde a very nice steak and bab new potatoes.
Photos as follows…….



A is for…..

This is the first of my random alphabet photos.
I actually have two for A. I know, I’m just being greedy.
My first A is for Abstract.

That’s abstract I hear you cry! I can actually hear you groaning now.

I bought some fabric to make a dress and I bought it online. I loved the pattern but when it arrived I discovered a flaw in my plan.
I eagerly unwrapped my parcel and was slightly shocked to find the abstract pattern that I had fallen for was a lot bigger than I expected.
I think the large pattern might swamp me but I’ll carry on and hope. I did stitch quite a lot of it at the weekend but have to finish the sleeve edgings, hem and then make a belt.


My second photo is Acrylic.

I bought some acrylic paint and some different size canvases and my intention is to paint some pictures for my walls and to possibly give as presents.
Even though it was a Bank Holiday weekend, I ran out of time. Those pesky library books kept calling…….


May photographic opportunities.

Well, the Tidy Trio ( Racel, Frances and myself) have decided that our task starting this month is a joint cooking/photography one.
We have decided to do an ABC of food.
We can make whatever we like as long as it includes the ingredient of the month. Rachel has already worked out that the following list will take us to June 2016!
The list is as follows:
Butternut Squash
Goats Cheese
Ugli Fruit
Xigua – you can look that one up, it’s more obvious than you think.

You may have noticed that it’s a vegetarian list and that’s because Frances is the vegetarian of the group. You can guarantee that there will be meat or fish in both Rachel’s and my menus.

We can do our photo any time in that month so keep your eyes peeled….

I have decided though that one a month isn’t enough for me though. I did eventually enjoy the selfie project throughout April and wanted to do something a bit more regularly than monthly so I have decided to do an ABC of things!
Things, you read correctly.
It will be things that either are relevant to whatever I’m doing at the time or something that takes my fancy but it will be an ABC, promise.

In fact I already have an A in mind………