Selfie Day 9

Crickey. Is it only day 9? I feel as if I’ve been doing these selfies for ages.
Now, you may have realised, if you have been following these, that some have had a tad more of an explanation than others.

Originally, I wasn’t actually going to explain any of them but some would then only make sense to me.

Let me set the scene…..
Easter holidays are upon us. Two weeks of children and annoying parents who can’t cope that then let their lovely children pull every book in the library from its shelf into a big heap on the floor and then leave and go home! We do spend an awful lot of time clearing up after people who won’t say No to their children.
Still, every school holiday I try and fit in a craft session. We do have a lot of really nice parents and children and they are the ones who come to the sessions.

Guess what seasonal delights we made this afternoon?



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