Spring Selfies……..

As part of our “What can we put on the blog” discussions, My friend Rachel of the A Good Day to Dye (Not) blog and partner in crime in the workplace decided that we would follow the current trend and post a selfie a day throughout the glorious month of April.

We can be as artistic as we like but a selfie will be taken every single day.

I am expecting to take a few ropey pictures of myself and have no illusions that I will show myself in a bad light when I suddenly realise at bedtime that I haven’t taken a picture and now have 10 minutes in which to do so before I fall asleep! Or possibly a few taken when under the influence of alcohol, I am not quite as in control of the camera/phone as I thought I was!

We’ll see……………

Hopefully, it will be fun and if gives Rach et moi a good laugh then surely that’s good enough.

I’m sure we’ll both be quite competitive about it.

My first one is a tad on the ropey side but my theory is that theycan only improve.



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