Selfie Day 30

Well, it’s the last one.
I did think it would be difficult to do one a day but I haven’t struggled too much.
For the final one I decided on something slightly upbeat. You may remember that one of my selfies, can’t remember which one but…. It was a picture of the hyacinth that I bought for my office. We’ll, it has blown over and to be honest, I missed it.
So I bought myself a replacement. I’ve gone slightly more upmarket and moved up to an orchid. If I have to do paperwork then I might as well have something nice to look at.



Selfie Day 28

A boring one today.
What do you mean, so were the others?
A wound while fixing someone else’s filing cabinet! Not so bad but the only plaster that I could find that wasn’t huge was a fabric one and I’m allergic to the adhesive on them.
Itches like crazy…………..


Selfie Day 27

OK. You may have noticed that I didn’t do a Silent Sunday today.
To be honest, I just didn’t think about it. I’d been doing it as a way of making sure I kept my blog going and it was an interesting thing to do as the photo goes up with no explanation. Well, that was the plan but I have noticed some people explain their pictures which to me defeated the object but hey ho.
Today, instead of a Silent Sunday, I have 2 selfies.
I know, a few days ago I commented on how difficult it was to think of one picture to take and today, I have 2!

I will loosely explain. I have been asked to secretly knit something for someone’s 70th birthday. I won’t say who or what as even though they won’t read my blog, some of my Facebook friends do know this person and I’m not going to be the one to let the cat out of the bag and spoil everything.

Anyway, I knew I possessed the wool needed for said secretive knitting project, it was just a case of finding it. Now, it won’t be any surprise to Simon if I tell you all that I have quite a stash of yarn secreted in various corners of the very small house we live in. I looked in several hides holes but whatever you’re looking for it’s always in the last place you look!

So I hauled loads out onto the bed and then when I’d found the right yarn, tried to get it all contained again.

Here’s before…..
And after…..


Selfie Day 26

Not many days left in April for the selfie project. Not sure if I’ll miss it or not but watch this space for the next project. Let’s just say that the Tidy Trio have a plan.
Anyway, mustn’t get ahead of myself. Have to finish April first. I am looking forward to swing Rachel’s month of photos though. I’m glad I’m doing mine daily as I’m sure I’d lose some of the photos if I had to wait until the end of the month to publish them.
Today’s photo is the lack of sewing done today. I hoovered, tidied up a bit, was slept on by damp cats while I read and have lit a fire while dinner is on the go. Oh yes, the picture. I cut out some bunting!


Selfie Day 24

Today was a productive day as my selfie shows.
I awoke this morning and drove into Crediton to buy a dustbin. I got really fed up this week when the bin bags went out and found that either a dog or fox had ripped them before the bin men came. Our bags weren’t as badly torn as some peoples but it did annoy me. A plastic bin was purchased in the vague hope it will help.
I then decided to trim the ivy and straggly bits from the wall in our courtyard. I also bought some plant food but then took half an hour to open the flipping Boyle but that’s another story.


Selfie Day 22

Today’s photo is yet another cold cup of tea at work. It was horrendously busy today and we were so busy that none of us got a tea break so Lyn kindly made us all a drink and we carried on.
The phone system went wrong and I got cut off 4 times while trying to sort something out with the IT department. Luckily they pieced together my message and sorted out so on my last call I was told “it’s done. Give it a go now” and was then cut off again.
All was OK and then the self issue machines lost their link to the network. We couldn’t wait for today to end…….