Trying to blog!

Anyone that read my postings at the beginning of the year knows that I was going to try and post more entries this year. I have tried, but it does go a bit in fits and starts.

This year we have lost a well loved cat. Hit by a vehicle one morning and not the cat we thought might get hit if one of them did! So we had a large vet bill and no cat. A few months down the line and we got a kitten.

Buxton. Who I have to say is beautiful but a complete nutter, fits in quite well but he has an obsession with my iPad. He loves to sit on it, watch me use it and generally, like any small child, loves the colours moving. So, and I apologise to anyone that has received one, has helped me send many blank emails over the past few weeks.

we are just grateful that’s all he’s done as when Charlie and Ponsonby were tiny kittens they dialled 999! I had a call back from the switchboard as all they heard was me shouting And they wanted to know that I was OK. I was really embarrassed that their time had been wasted but luckily they saw the funny side. Apparently if I hadn’t have answered a police car would have been dispatched!

Now I’m digressing.

The point is that I was going to post to my blog this week as I have been out 3 times to eat this week and am going out again later, so felty that lots of foodie bits could be mentioned. But everything else took over and it didn’t happen.

luckily my lovely friend Rachel did blog about our trip to Marco Pierre White’s Exeter restaurant so as I cannot possibly better that, here is the link.

As for the other meals, I am going to just post some pictures and leave the rest to you.

Just to say that apart from working full time and an hour away from work, time is at a premium and all I really want is a weekend at home to do stuff that I want to do. Especially as all craftiness is thwarted by a case of tennis elbow at the moment. Knitting is impossible but crochet is possible. Hence, cat cushion finished and Charlie approves.

Thank goodness.

Harriet receiving her medal and certificate from my good self<a href="

<img src="" alt="image" width="300" height="200" class="alignimageimageimageimageimageimageenter size-medium wp-image-345″ />0.jpg”>Harriet receiving her medal and certificate from my good self


I don’t give a Fig!

This is the second attempt at a posting. The first one vanished into the ether just as my photos were being uploaded. Typical.

Anyway, what I was whiffling on about before and I will again was the fact that accidentally we found out this week was that the library has a fig tree.

I know, you’re thinking, how can anyone not know they have a fig tree. Well we didn’t because the side of our library is next to their car park. (Park at your peril!) and the tree is in the corner of their car park in the furthest possible spot from the library.

A member of the public asked them if he could take some cuttings and the receptionist, along with the confirmation of a solicitor told him it belonged to us. Ever since I have been at the library I have snuck in on a Saturday when I’ve been working to pick the fruit and kept quiet about it so that I didn’t get caught. Now I find out I needn’t have bothered!

The man asked us if he could have a look at it and reported back that it was dripping with ripe fruit. He went out again and brought us back a bagful of fruit along with a bag for himself.
Frances and Rachel had never had fresh figs before and happily they both like them. Both had had bad experiences with fig rolls and syrup of figs, enough said. Their families didn’t like them but that just means more for us!

Fresh figs

Fresh figs

Most people know of my addiction to Pinterest so a search was made for fig recipes. I found about three different recipes for Fig Jam and have decided to make a batch of Fig And Honey Jam.

Buxton, the kitten was removed from the room as he was showing a bit too much interest and the weighing and chopping was started.
Simon couldn’t find my preserving pan in the garage so I used the large lidded pan that I bought in the brilliant Asian supermarket in Keighley. Two more addictions, large pans and the Asian supermarket!


It was a great recipe and simple. Seven jars out of the first batch. I think I might try a different recipe for the next batch.



Fig and Honey Jam

4 1/2 lbs ripe figs
2 1/4 cups honey
9 tablespoons water
Juice of 2 lemons

Chop figs and place in a large pan with the honey and the water.
Place over a medium heat and simmer until the jam gels and the setting point is reached.
Add the lemon juice and cook for another couple of minutes.

Ladle into clean, sterile jars, cool then pop on lids.

This can be used on top of toasted tea cakes or with cheese and crackers.