I know. I’ve been a bit slack on the blog front which is annoying from my point of view as I have been photographing things I’ve made especially for blogging purposes.
Just a tad lazy then….. Please don’t answer that.

I happily made a crochet shawl for my new great niece Shianne. As she is only 8 weeks old I don’t know if she actually likes it but her sister and mother both did so that’ll do for me.


It was quite large by the time I’d finished but my theory was that my niece could always wear it on a night out if she wanted to.

After I’d finished though, I was in a bit of a quandary as to what to make next. My fingers were itching to make something else but I really wanted to use some oddments in the vague hope of making more space. I know, that’s not going to happen, but a girl can dream.

I decided, in my wisdom, as an antidote to being bombarded with stuff at work and the fact that if I’m making things then I’m not sitting and stuffing my face, that I would possibly make some crochet squares and put them together to make cover for the bed in our spare room.
Now, one of the few benefits of working in a library is the chance to order books. I got about three from the library but to be fair, my Pinterest addiction got the better of me.
I found a pattern I liked and could see my finished blanket in my head.

After playing with the pattern and returning my library books, I had found my ideal.

And no, it isn’t a square. I decided on a colour scheme of pinks, purples and blues with a yellow centre and a cream surround. Perfect. So to start with, lots of flowers were made and then they were laid out on the floor (much to the amusement of the cats!) and then I started crocheting them together with the only rule being that two identical flowers cannot be placed next to each other.

20130404-210037.jpg it is bigger than this now but I have done a few other bits of bobs in between doing bits of this.
I crocheted all of the staff at work an egg cosy and stuffed a creme egg inside. Well you have to don’t you.

I’ll carry on with my blanket and use it as a release from everything else but I do quite fancy making something for me now.

But what…………watch this space.


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