How rubbish am I?

Well, my New Years resolution hasn’t gone quite to plan.
Mind you, saying that, I haven’t bought any yarn at so far this year so at one has gone OK.
I have been given some by friends but not a penny has been exchanged so that has gone to plan.

Keeping up the blog has been a different thing. I have picked. Up every cold going and been whipped into hospital with a kidney infection a nod a kidney stone so haven’t really felt up to the mark I must admit.

Still, I have made tree decorations for our Christmas Fayre at the end of November. Time was of the essence and I was running out of time but managed to make lots of silk flowers which were made into brooches and hair clips. Very pretty, but my favourite makes we’re my felt owls. We all know owls are in this year. Everywhere you go, you can spot owls. Well, I was no different.
Felt owls in lots of different colours were made into brooches and hanging tree decorations.
I had quite a system going for making them and really enjoyed doing them.

Unfortunately on the day, I didn’t sell many. I put them on a tree with my sequinned decorations leftover from last year. It looked really pretty but I don’t think people were buying handmade goods even though they weren’t overpriced.

I was also trying to sell a friends cards and framed pictures but they didn’t go that we’ll either! Some people there sold some stuff and as some of the profits were going to The Friends of Honiton Library we didn’t do that badly in the end.

Frances put up the library Christmas tree fro the event and in our new space it looked pretty feeble so a decision was made. I went and bought a new one. It looks wonderful and Frances made a lovely job of decorating it.

I made a wreath using a couple of old library books some string and a bit of cardboard! Sounds terrible but it looks lovely, even if I do say so myself.




The centrepiece of the wreath is made of a circle of cardboard, covered in a piece from the curtains from work when I shortened them before putting them up, a pice of tatted lace that someone gave me and was pinned to the notice board in my office, and the beads I already had a t home so stitched them on. With the aid of my trusty glue gun, I was there.

I also made another wreath for work that was made from the same old library book, some baubles and ribbon. Another photo will follow……..


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