Nearly Jubilee weekend

Last weekend was a knitting weekend. Not to much but just a little something for the summer.

My copy of Simply Knitting dropped through the letterbox and the item that caught my eye was a fingerless gloves with a cabled owl on the back. Duly knitted, what next.

Strangely the same day that the magazine appeared so did an order I had mad for dissolving cross stitch canvas. I was intrigued too so I ordered some.
I also bought the June edition of Cross Stitch magazine as well because it had a gift included for a Jubilee commemorative decoration using, yes, you guess correctly, dissolving canvas.

I’m practising on this first so watch this space.
Things are going a tad on the slow side though and I’m not quite sure which Jubilee it will actually be finished for.
We were out at the weekend and it would’ve been rude to take it with me. ( I didn’t even take a book.) and to be quite honest, this work lark gets in the way of craftiness. It gets in the way of housework too but I’m not as bothered by that.
This is it so far and it’s the 29th already.

I’m tempted to just give. It up but am quite keen on seeing what happens when it’s put in water and dissolving. Oh well, keep sewing.






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