An adventure in texture

An adventure in texture…..

Well, today has been just that. As we are in Yorkshire at the moment which like Devon is sprinkled liberally with liquid sunshine, we decided to visit Harrogate. Since Wednesday morning I have been filled to the brim with cold.
Last night saw me going to bed at 7.30 and pretty much sleeping through, apart from the odd spot of nose blowing and coughing that is.
This morning saw me making a cup of tea and that was when I knew things weren’t quite right. It was wet and hot but apart from that there wasn’t a lot happening.
My taste buds just aren’t doing the biz.

Cooked breakfast, exactly the same. Now I am really happy with a plate of nice bacon (not that stuff from the supermarket that oozes white goo!) and mushrooms but in this instance, nothing excited me. It could have been anything.

Then an orange. My feeble brain was telling me that oranges are full of vitamin C, perfect for a cold. It just didn’t do it. I don’t know how I would survive if I permanently lacked taste facilitators?
Anyway, off we go to Harrogate. First stop is a very nice coffee shop called Jake’s.
As we had already been through a shop that had loads of strongly scented candles and I stood in the middle and breathed as deeply as I could and Yes, you guessed it, I smelt nothing.
Anyway, Simon bought me a rather nice looking piece of coffee and walnut cake and a mocha but nothing. Such treats and my taste buds were letting me down.
Already this is getting me down. Simon did say I looked better though but I had help from some Garnier BB cream and some mascara!
I am now on zinc and vitamin c capsules as prescribed by my good friend Rachel. Apparently Mr Lemmer swears by them too.

Watch this space as it’s pie and mash for tea.



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