Herman – part two

Well, after finally making the dough for my cinnamon rolls, I actually discovered that my house was too cold for the blooming stuff to rise!
I tried the airing cupboard but it wasn’t quite up to temperature so had to light a fire to bring Herman up to his full potential.
I lovingly melted my butter and added the plumped up fruit and decided on brown sugar rather than white. Yes, you guessed it, I forgot to add the cinnamon. How stupid can you get? Please don’t answer that.
My rolls were lovingly proved, next to the fire lit especially for the purpose, and baked just in time for
Simon’s return from work. How domestic!


They did taste nice, especially warm from the oven even without the cinnamon but the really annoying thing is that I have just gone into the kitchen, over 24 hours later and found some more Herman on the flippin wall!!

If anyone offers me another Herman, please shout loudly NO.


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