After spending all of last week cleaning up and drying out after a leak in our cottage, just like everyone else as the rain was non stop and heavy and the wind was horizontal, I thought that this week would definitely be better.
Not so sure.
Simon was away last week and the washing basket was empty. Yes, you read correctly. Empty.
Not so this morning though so after getting up, washing was started and is now busily swishing away.
What now? Well, I was given a Herman sourdough cake starter yesterday. I have had one before and to be perfectly honest was over-run with the damn things so not this time I thought.
I will make Herman into lovely,tasty cinnamon rolls. Especially as I’ve eaten all of the apples in the house and I am certainly not foraging for an apple just to make a cake!
All went well……………………..
recipe found and printed.
Ingredients gathered from baking cupboard. (Yes, I have a dedicated cupboard)
Bowl found.
I held the jar of Herman over my bowl and gently unscrewed the lid, Pause for effect…….

The jar unleashed Herman with a bang and flung him across the kitchen and all over my face!

I won’t repeat the words that escaped my lips but lets just say that every time I go into the kitchen I seem to find another piece of Herman somewhere and it’s getting tiresome.

I did carry on though and the dough is now sitting in a bowl so he can double in size. My sultanas are plumping! And I am ready for round two. This battle I am going to win.

is now sitting in a bo



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