Nearly Jubilee weekend

Last weekend was a knitting weekend. Not to much but just a little something for the summer.

My copy of Simply Knitting dropped through the letterbox and the item that caught my eye was a fingerless gloves with a cabled owl on the back. Duly knitted, what next.

Strangely the same day that the magazine appeared so did an order I had mad for dissolving cross stitch canvas. I was intrigued too so I ordered some.
I also bought the June edition of Cross Stitch magazine as well because it had a gift included for a Jubilee commemorative decoration using, yes, you guess correctly, dissolving canvas.

I’m practising on this first so watch this space.
Things are going a tad on the slow side though and I’m not quite sure which Jubilee it will actually be finished for.
We were out at the weekend and it would’ve been rude to take it with me. ( I didn’t even take a book.) and to be quite honest, this work lark gets in the way of craftiness. It gets in the way of housework too but I’m not as bothered by that.
This is it so far and it’s the 29th already.

I’m tempted to just give. It up but am quite keen on seeing what happens when it’s put in water and dissolving. Oh well, keep sewing.






An adventure in texture

An adventure in texture…..

Well, today has been just that. As we are in Yorkshire at the moment which like Devon is sprinkled liberally with liquid sunshine, we decided to visit Harrogate. Since Wednesday morning I have been filled to the brim with cold.
Last night saw me going to bed at 7.30 and pretty much sleeping through, apart from the odd spot of nose blowing and coughing that is.
This morning saw me making a cup of tea and that was when I knew things weren’t quite right. It was wet and hot but apart from that there wasn’t a lot happening.
My taste buds just aren’t doing the biz.

Cooked breakfast, exactly the same. Now I am really happy with a plate of nice bacon (not that stuff from the supermarket that oozes white goo!) and mushrooms but in this instance, nothing excited me. It could have been anything.

Then an orange. My feeble brain was telling me that oranges are full of vitamin C, perfect for a cold. It just didn’t do it. I don’t know how I would survive if I permanently lacked taste facilitators?
Anyway, off we go to Harrogate. First stop is a very nice coffee shop called Jake’s.
As we had already been through a shop that had loads of strongly scented candles and I stood in the middle and breathed as deeply as I could and Yes, you guessed it, I smelt nothing.
Anyway, Simon bought me a rather nice looking piece of coffee and walnut cake and a mocha but nothing. Such treats and my taste buds were letting me down.
Already this is getting me down. Simon did say I looked better though but I had help from some Garnier BB cream and some mascara!
I am now on zinc and vitamin c capsules as prescribed by my good friend Rachel. Apparently Mr Lemmer swears by them too.

Watch this space as it’s pie and mash for tea.


Herman – part two

Well, after finally making the dough for my cinnamon rolls, I actually discovered that my house was too cold for the blooming stuff to rise!
I tried the airing cupboard but it wasn’t quite up to temperature so had to light a fire to bring Herman up to his full potential.
I lovingly melted my butter and added the plumped up fruit and decided on brown sugar rather than white. Yes, you guessed it, I forgot to add the cinnamon. How stupid can you get? Please don’t answer that.
My rolls were lovingly proved, next to the fire lit especially for the purpose, and baked just in time for
Simon’s return from work. How domestic!


They did taste nice, especially warm from the oven even without the cinnamon but the really annoying thing is that I have just gone into the kitchen, over 24 hours later and found some more Herman on the flippin wall!!

If anyone offers me another Herman, please shout loudly NO.


After spending all of last week cleaning up and drying out after a leak in our cottage, just like everyone else as the rain was non stop and heavy and the wind was horizontal, I thought that this week would definitely be better.
Not so sure.
Simon was away last week and the washing basket was empty. Yes, you read correctly. Empty.
Not so this morning though so after getting up, washing was started and is now busily swishing away.
What now? Well, I was given a Herman sourdough cake starter yesterday. I have had one before and to be perfectly honest was over-run with the damn things so not this time I thought.
I will make Herman into lovely,tasty cinnamon rolls. Especially as I’ve eaten all of the apples in the house and I am certainly not foraging for an apple just to make a cake!
All went well……………………..
recipe found and printed.
Ingredients gathered from baking cupboard. (Yes, I have a dedicated cupboard)
Bowl found.
I held the jar of Herman over my bowl and gently unscrewed the lid, Pause for effect…….

The jar unleashed Herman with a bang and flung him across the kitchen and all over my face!

I won’t repeat the words that escaped my lips but lets just say that every time I go into the kitchen I seem to find another piece of Herman somewhere and it’s getting tiresome.

I did carry on though and the dough is now sitting in a bowl so he can double in size. My sultanas are plumping! And I am ready for round two. This battle I am going to win.

is now sitting in a bo