That is the sound of a grumpy Linda.

I have tried to start some more knitting but it’s not going right! I decided that I would make some socks, for me for a change but no, it’s not happening. The story so far…

It started when I tried to download a pattern this morning and nothing happened. Simon tried and it worked.

Then, eventually, the pattern printed but without the actual pattern chart. No problem I thought. I can do the cuff first then copy the pattern chart afterwards ann carry on.

Then re-read the pattern and discovered that it was for a sock knitted from the toe up. Not a problem methinks.

Then tried four separate times to start and the stitches were far too loose each bloomin time. I am really really fed up. I have the need to knit but unfortunately, not the aptitude today.

I have now slung the bloomin yarn in a bag and put it from the room so it can’t taunt me.

I am going to put on the photos of my last knitted extravaganza which is a Louisa Harding Cowl. Or a Simon (Cowell) as my Simon keeps calling it. I have had to rely on him as my photographer here as I decided it had to be shown worn. Unfortunately it’s me that looks worn, not the cowl.

Here are the pics.


To wear like this? Or like this?


This is how badly my day is going. This second photo is the right way up on the laptop but WILL NOT insert into my post the right way up.

I have had enough and I am going now.



Whoopee, I’ve finished.

Well, my heading says it all. I have finished my second mitten.

And yes, I am pleased with the result. Although there were many mistakes in the first one. I can see them even more clearly now I have a not quite matching second one. I don’t really mind though. Unique as I said in my previous post.

All I need now is some colder weather so I can wear them. Not that I’m wishing too hard.

I have enough wool left to probably make a matching hat but would that look too twee? Not sure. I’ll knit something else first and then think whilst knitting.

I have been making a few brooches as well so I’ll make some more and see how it goes. My next post will probably be brooches…….