Nordic treats

I subscribe to a knitting website. Not just one actually but I do have a particular favourite.  Not a surprise really to anyone that knows me. Some of my best friends are knitting addicts too, it’s not just me. There are loads of us about and you never know where and when inspiration will strike.

Anyway, slight digression there. For a long time now I have had a slight addiction to anything slightly Scandinavian/Nordic. It’s OK, Simon feels the same way so there won’t be any strange conversations after everyone reads this. (Well, there might when he wonders why I’ve told everyone but I’ll have that conversation when I need to.) About 2 years ago.I saw a pattern for some Norwegian style mittens and decided that my life wouldn’t be complete until I’d knitted them.

I found a skein of yellow wool and a ball of blue wool from Coldharbour Mill  and decided this would make the perfect mittens. As I had only just mastered knitting socks in the round this was a big deal but I was and still am really pleased with them. They didn’t take me very long either so that was doubly pleasing. Trouble is I do find them too warm to wear! Figure that one out.

Anyway, one of the patterns that came up on the website, was for a pair of mittens called Freja. See below……

As you can see they are gorgeous. It really was love at first sight. I had to make them. So this morning, I have found two balls of wool that I bought in Tallin, Estonia when we visited whilst on holiday. I have been thinking for a while what I should knit with it and decided long ago that it would be something for me.

Must have had something in mind when I bought it as it goes together colourwise!

It has been sitting in the top of my wardrobe since I got it so I’m quite happy now that I’ve found a pattern to use it with that will show it off.

Well here goes………

I’ve started.



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