And for my next item……..

Well, we’ve been up to our eyes at work as we are closed from today until the 3rd February for a new carpet! (replacing one from 1974) and self service machines.We’ll have Wi-Fi as well which will be brilliant. With all the changes there has certainly been a lot to think about so I have been trying to do creative things to take my mind away from boxes of books and workman’s schedules.

Before you see the next item(s) though you really should see this short film.

Video of the Day: Books Alive at Night

I have made a link to it from this site as well as it’s so amazing.

Here they are. I have made bootees to co-ordinate with the previous baby jacket. I did make a slight mistake and they are very, very slightly different to the original pattern but not too hugely. Mind you, would anyone know if I didn’t tell them?

I like the wool and it’s lovely to knit with but I only just had enough.


Of course, I have feline assistance whatever I do and I am typing around a large ginger head even now.

Charlie was fine until I tried to take photo’s of the finished items. He tried his hardest to ignore the small knitted items sitting on the sofa but alas, he just couldn’t resist.

No, they really are far too interesting.


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