The Finished Article

Phew, finished. Admittedly it take take longer than it would have normally done but I have been absolutely shattered this week and just haven’t had the energy when I’ve got home from work. It doesn’t help either when every road you use to get to and from work seems to have erupted like acne with temporary traffic lights.

My journey to work on monday which usually takes an hour took an hour and a half. Worn out before I even started! (Getting home has been fun as well as the lights haven’t all been working.)

Feline assistance isn’t really required when knitting either. If the (large) ginger ninjas decide they want to cuddle up and sit across your lap and tuck themselves under your elbow then there really is nothing to do but give up and let it happen.

Nearly there.

Anyway, eventually I got there. I couldn’t use the sheep buttons though as they were slightly too big for the buttonholes so I have compromised and used pandas instead. Doesn’t quite go with the cuddly, wooly theme i had in mind but it’s still quite sweet. I do have enough wool left to knit some bootees to match as well so might well do that too.

The Finished Article

I haven’t bought any yarn so far this year. I am keeping my promise to myself so far which sounds easy but any knitaholic out there will tell you, it’s blooming difficult.

I did find yarns that I’d forgotten I had whilst rummaging last week so i need to find some patterns that I really want to knit so that I can use some of it. I really want to knit something for myself but don’t really know what I want at the moment.

As soon as I work it out, I’ll let you know.


One thought on “The Finished Article

  1. All this hard work! I couldn’t let it go unappreciated! Perhaps I will revisit my own blog-cooking, knitting and working I can do but not an hour’s journey into work as well! I am impressed.

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