And my next make is……….

Well, after I spent what seemed ages looking for a pattern that I have put to one side as “on the to do list”, and of course, never found it. I decided to go for an old favourite.

It is in the Patons Fairytales knitting booklet that was published in 1982 and is 20 patterns from birth to fifteen months. I have knitted several things from it since then but there is a cardigan pattern in there and I have probably made at least 2 per year since 1982! It is a simple, well fitting cardigan that I can make look slightly different just by changing the yarn or the fairisle border.




As you can see, I have done my own thing yet again. I have gone for a plain-ish cardigan in a nice soft variegated green. I think I might use some fancy buttons. (I have some rather cute white sheep that would be quite nice and they are about the right size.)

I have been quite productive this morning. Before Simon was even awake I had replaced the broken hooks on the coat rack. Admittedly, I meant to do it ages ago so obviously had had some strange thought processes to suddenly do it this morning!

I had taken the photos for my blog, sorted out my bbooks to return to the library, researched some phone numbers for work, hung up my washing, fed cats, washed up and then just as I sat down with a cup of tea my Sainsbury’s delivery arrived!

Thing is, what to do now?

Do I knit, read my newspaper, bit of sewing maybe. The world is my oyster, well Lapford at any rate.



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