Day 2 of a Brand New Year

Well, housework is partially done. I don’t want to overdo things, I have a busy week at work coming up!( Interviewing on Thursday morning and staff meeting in the afternoon so my usual housework time has vanished)

I took down all of the Christmas decorations this morning for that very reason. Too busy on thursday and I didn’t think that I’d really feel like doing it when I get home from work.

My brain was already whizzing with all the things that I want to do but don’t seem to have the time so the obvious thing to do is to fit in as much as possible when I’m home. That being said, it’s the baby season soon. Two of my colleagues are about to become Grandmothers, one for the first time and the other for the second. They don’t know if they are waiting for boys or girls but my friend is due to have her second girl this spring so the knitting needles need to be busy.

So in preparation, I have started making bootees. I have finished one in between cooking dinner for Simon as he has to go work at 3pm. Wasn’t particularly hungry but still….. Anyway, I have downloaded the WordPress app to my phone so that I can take photos as I’m going along and just post them as I need to. I’ll soon find out if I have got the hang of it won’t I. Hopefully I can finish another one after Simon goes off to work.

A productive day, methinks.

Actually, failed miserably with the mobile app so I’ll have to practice more.


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