Nordic treats

I subscribe to a knitting website. Not just one actually but I do have a particular favourite.  Not a surprise really to anyone that knows me. Some of my best friends are knitting addicts too, it’s not just me. There are loads of us about and you never know where and when inspiration will strike.

Anyway, slight digression there. For a long time now I have had a slight addiction to anything slightly Scandinavian/Nordic. It’s OK, Simon feels the same way so there won’t be any strange conversations after everyone reads this. (Well, there might when he wonders why I’ve told everyone but I’ll have that conversation when I need to.) About 2 years ago.I saw a pattern for some Norwegian style mittens and decided that my life wouldn’t be complete until I’d knitted them.

I found a skein of yellow wool and a ball of blue wool from Coldharbour Mill  and decided this would make the perfect mittens. As I had only just mastered knitting socks in the round this was a big deal but I was and still am really pleased with them. They didn’t take me very long either so that was doubly pleasing. Trouble is I do find them too warm to wear! Figure that one out.

Anyway, one of the patterns that came up on the website, was for a pair of mittens called Freja. See below……

As you can see they are gorgeous. It really was love at first sight. I had to make them. So this morning, I have found two balls of wool that I bought in Tallin, Estonia when we visited whilst on holiday. I have been thinking for a while what I should knit with it and decided long ago that it would be something for me.

Must have had something in mind when I bought it as it goes together colourwise!

It has been sitting in the top of my wardrobe since I got it so I’m quite happy now that I’ve found a pattern to use it with that will show it off.

Well here goes………

I’ve started.



And for my next item……..

Well, we’ve been up to our eyes at work as we are closed from today until the 3rd February for a new carpet! (replacing one from 1974) and self service machines.We’ll have Wi-Fi as well which will be brilliant. With all the changes there has certainly been a lot to think about so I have been trying to do creative things to take my mind away from boxes of books and workman’s schedules.

Before you see the next item(s) though you really should see this short film.

Video of the Day: Books Alive at Night

I have made a link to it from this site as well as it’s so amazing.

Here they are. I have made bootees to co-ordinate with the previous baby jacket. I did make a slight mistake and they are very, very slightly different to the original pattern but not too hugely. Mind you, would anyone know if I didn’t tell them?

I like the wool and it’s lovely to knit with but I only just had enough.


Of course, I have feline assistance whatever I do and I am typing around a large ginger head even now.

Charlie was fine until I tried to take photo’s of the finished items. He tried his hardest to ignore the small knitted items sitting on the sofa but alas, he just couldn’t resist.

No, they really are far too interesting.

The Finished Article

Phew, finished. Admittedly it take take longer than it would have normally done but I have been absolutely shattered this week and just haven’t had the energy when I’ve got home from work. It doesn’t help either when every road you use to get to and from work seems to have erupted like acne with temporary traffic lights.

My journey to work on monday which usually takes an hour took an hour and a half. Worn out before I even started! (Getting home has been fun as well as the lights haven’t all been working.)

Feline assistance isn’t really required when knitting either. If the (large) ginger ninjas decide they want to cuddle up and sit across your lap and tuck themselves under your elbow then there really is nothing to do but give up and let it happen.

Nearly there.

Anyway, eventually I got there. I couldn’t use the sheep buttons though as they were slightly too big for the buttonholes so I have compromised and used pandas instead. Doesn’t quite go with the cuddly, wooly theme i had in mind but it’s still quite sweet. I do have enough wool left to knit some bootees to match as well so might well do that too.

The Finished Article

I haven’t bought any yarn so far this year. I am keeping my promise to myself so far which sounds easy but any knitaholic out there will tell you, it’s blooming difficult.

I did find yarns that I’d forgotten I had whilst rummaging last week so i need to find some patterns that I really want to knit so that I can use some of it. I really want to knit something for myself but don’t really know what I want at the moment.

As soon as I work it out, I’ll let you know.

And my next make is……….

Well, after I spent what seemed ages looking for a pattern that I have put to one side as “on the to do list”, and of course, never found it. I decided to go for an old favourite.

It is in the Patons Fairytales knitting booklet that was published in 1982 and is 20 patterns from birth to fifteen months. I have knitted several things from it since then but there is a cardigan pattern in there and I have probably made at least 2 per year since 1982! It is a simple, well fitting cardigan that I can make look slightly different just by changing the yarn or the fairisle border.




As you can see, I have done my own thing yet again. I have gone for a plain-ish cardigan in a nice soft variegated green. I think I might use some fancy buttons. (I have some rather cute white sheep that would be quite nice and they are about the right size.)

I have been quite productive this morning. Before Simon was even awake I had replaced the broken hooks on the coat rack. Admittedly, I meant to do it ages ago so obviously had had some strange thought processes to suddenly do it this morning!

I had taken the photos for my blog, sorted out my bbooks to return to the library, researched some phone numbers for work, hung up my washing, fed cats, washed up and then just as I sat down with a cup of tea my Sainsbury’s delivery arrived!

Thing is, what to do now?

Do I knit, read my newspaper, bit of sewing maybe. The world is my oyster, well Lapford at any rate.


Babies, Babies, Babies

Well the first baby has arrived. a text arrived yesterday from my colleague and friend with he news of her first grandchild. A boy.
Thomas Joseph was born on the morning of January 3rd and was a healthy 8.5lbs. Congratulations.
Luckily, the bootees were finished on time so they can be lovingly wrapped and given tomorrow.
Thing is, what to knit next?
Bootees, hats, sweaters?
Decisions, Decisions.
The indecisive meanderings of a knitter. (Good name for a blog!)

Day 2 of a Brand New Year

Well, housework is partially done. I don’t want to overdo things, I have a busy week at work coming up!( Interviewing on Thursday morning and staff meeting in the afternoon so my usual housework time has vanished)

I took down all of the Christmas decorations this morning for that very reason. Too busy on thursday and I didn’t think that I’d really feel like doing it when I get home from work.

My brain was already whizzing with all the things that I want to do but don’t seem to have the time so the obvious thing to do is to fit in as much as possible when I’m home. That being said, it’s the baby season soon. Two of my colleagues are about to become Grandmothers, one for the first time and the other for the second. They don’t know if they are waiting for boys or girls but my friend is due to have her second girl this spring so the knitting needles need to be busy.

So in preparation, I have started making bootees. I have finished one in between cooking dinner for Simon as he has to go work at 3pm. Wasn’t particularly hungry but still….. Anyway, I have downloaded the WordPress app to my phone so that I can take photos as I’m going along and just post them as I need to. I’ll soon find out if I have got the hang of it won’t I. Hopefully I can finish another one after Simon goes off to work.

A productive day, methinks.

Actually, failed miserably with the mobile app so I’ll have to practice more.

Happy New Year

Well, I don’t usually make resolutions but I have been thinking lately that I haven’t blogged for a long time. Looking back now I find that it was September! September, just how did that happen?

So as of today, January 1st 2012, I am going to do just what I set out to do with my blog in the first place. I will try my hardest to post all my crafting makes and my cocktails as well.

It is harder now that I am working full time to fit in the crafting in the first place so I am going to make sure that I have a proper record of everything I do. I have no record of the embroidered Christmas decorations or the felt, self covered embroidered button brooches. No record of the knitted items made for friends babies and children. What am I thinking.

Yesterday I started reading a book called Howards End is on the Landing by Susan Hill. In it she spends a year reading only books she owns and records it in the book along with reminiscences. She has inspired me. This will be my intention here, to have a record of a year of makes, as well as reads as to be quite honest, that is my life.

I run a library, knit, sew, read, cook, all of these things involve books so what better than to incorporate all of these things.

Well, hopefully someone will watch this space with me and enjoy seeing my creative side being opened to the world and support me in my quest.

Watch this space…………………….