Its been ages……

It’s been ages since my last post. I apologise.

That’s the problem with this time of year though. Life gets busy.

Friends expect to see you on your days off. Simon wants me to go with him to the cricket matches he’s playing in, and face it that’s a whole day gone.

And last weekend we had a Brownie and Guide sleepover at work. Yes 32 little girls descended on the library and had a good time by all accounts. They had a bit of a sing song, read for a bit. It was really hot though so no hot chocolate was drunk. Instead they drank far too much squash and kept trotting up to the toilet all night. Sleepover is the wrong word really. Sleep is something that doesn’t happen for all of them. A few put their little heads on their pillows and only woke up in the morning but not many of them. Me neither, and I was working the next morning.

As well as being busy at work as well and planning our summer events. I am visiting schools at eh moment and trying to get everyone to use the library in the summer holidays. Good fun, really.

I don’t know how I fit it all in sometimes especially as theres the washing to do and meals to prepare. But we all do it don’t we and I’m no better at it than the next person. I only dust when I need to and hoover once a week. I’m human after all and can think of loads of better things to do than housework!

I haven’t really been sewing lately either! I do have to make some bunting for work though. I hope to start chopping up my fabric this weekend.

I have made the odd cocktail or two though as you’ll see from my pics. I haven’t taken photos of them all though as the clear ones never look right in a photo and for all anyone but myself know, could be water!

I wouldn’t do that, Promise.

I have been sitting outside in the courtyard some of this morning reading. The village is so quiet today apart from the odd horse trotting by. I’m making the most of it. Simon was at work so I put the washing in the machine and made the most of having a day off. While sitting there though, I kept glancing at my plants. Everything is in pots and even if I do say so myself, they are looking pretty good.

I am especially amazed at my christmas tree. I have had it for the last 3 christmas’s and it’s only brought in over the festive period. Last year it was a bit bald and sad looking and I think Simon hurt it’s feelings when he said he didn’t think it would last another year and I’d have to buy another one!

It has grown so much. It is completely full of nice new needles which are light green and soft to the touch at the moment. It obviously isn’t ready to be discarded quite yet.

My Christmas Tree


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