Well, an auspicious start to the hols. A 2 hour delay in boarding. Lovely view of a car transporterwhile sitting in a temporary car park! We are now moving…..
Norovirus struck on the previous trip.
We are now in Belgium and have NO self service food anddrink on the ship at all…..
Could get used to this.By the way it was 72 degrees today!!!!!!
We have had a recce of the bars and a pre dinner snack after our wanderings today and have now found ourselves on the top deck watching Mamma Mia on the giant screen. Could be in the Caribbean with the weather the way it is rather than sitting in Zeebrugge.
We left Ray & Judy after getting back and are meeting up with them later. I was going to send an email onboard but it is far too expensive and will double the cost of our holiday.
This does mean that you won’t all get much of an update as I’ll be emailing only when we are on land and have free Internet access.

Monday and our 1st day at sea. Tonight was also our first formal evening. Typically a choppy day when we have to wear our heels!
Pics will follow, promise. Ray felt a bit wobbly today with the choppiness but a rest and a glass of champagne at the captains reception and he was fine. It was deemed unsafe for the captain to do his “champagne tower” though. Good job someone has put a previous one on YouTube.
We are now in Copenhagen.
Been to Helsingborg too which was lovely.
Tomorrow Oslo……

Except Oslo didn’t happen. We sat 200 yards from shore and waited for hours before sailing away.
Why? There was the possibility of a strike by the dockworkers and negotiations were underway. The captain didn’t want us to get stuck there for possibly days. We wouldn’t have minded, honest.
Oslo was the place we really wanted to visit on this trip and instead we got a journey back to Southampton that took 2 days instead of 1. Lucky us.


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