Ok, I haven’t ben keeping up with the blog but that always happens when the cricket season starts. This weekends match was cancelled so we’ve spent the weekend catching up. Simon removed the element from my oven and we are waiting for a new one to arrive as they didn’t have one in stock when we took it in. Great. Good job i have a range cooker methinks!!! I also lost a day last weekend when we had to have a new bath put in. Simon fell over and cracked the original, the replacement was unwrapped and found to be cracked so we had to get another replacement. It was longer and deeper and I spent the day as a plumbers mate while our friend battled with the waste pipe. It eventually went in and we at least have a useable bath now.
Anyway, the internet has been quite slow but I am trying to catch up on my 23 things homework before I go away next weekend. RSS feeds were the order of the day and I have to share this with you as it made me chuckle. Don’t think it’ll catch on though……..



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