Well it made me laugh.

I thought that I would just make a very quick comment as i’ve been a tad on the busy side and haven’t been even looking at the internet this week.
I have been making though.
I have made yet another bag. I know it’s not really a surprise is it!
The photo will appear next time.
I’ve designed a bag for my little friend Holly but at the moment it’s just a sketch on a piece of paper.
I’ll attempt a paper pattern and some stitiching at the weekend.
I went to a couple of charity shops and managed to get some really nice fabric at a very reasonable price and one of the pieces is ideal. Not only is it pink and every little girl loves pink, but it’s a thick canvas. Perfect for a sturdy bag to carry your DS about in. Just need to decide what I’m going to line it with!
In the meantime I’ve been doing a bit more knitting and doing some flipping about on Youtube.
Found a couple of things and am going to share it with you.

The first is this Japanese Gameshow which is hilarious and I’m hoping that none of the borrowers watch this and get ideas!!!!!

The second one is a short Finnish film which any crafter or knitter will love.

It’s called “The Last Knit”



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