Back again…

Guess who? I know, daft question.

Well hopefully you’ve all eaten your Easter eggs and are now felling full and lazy. Well, I was feeling a tad lazy this weekend, the two of us don’t get that much time off together because of |Simon’s shifts so i didn’t think I could shut myself away sewing for the whole weekend. And we had to do the obligatory family thing on Sunday so that was a day when nothing could be done.

Anyway, I have some photos in hand to post of my latest makes and on Saturday I did make Simon a laptop bag. He was given a choice of fabrics and I have to say he chose well. Mind you, if he hadn’t I would have just made it in a better choice and not said anything. Whoops.

Black needlecord with a spotty lining and a contrasting pocket edging

the finished laptop bag. Black needlecord.

With yet another library book!

With the actual library book the idea came from. Didn’t follow the instructions though. What a rebel. Worked it out myself and measured the laptop to make sure it would be the right size. Nice book though. It has a pattern for a camera bag which I might have to make myself.

Here is also the bag that I made the other week that I have decided to keep for my very very own.

In my courtyard. (Sounds so much better than backyard)

The flap. With a self covered button to match....

the lining.

I lined it in a really nice dress fabric, gave it a magnetic clasp and a self covered button on the flap as it needed just a bit of something.

I dithered over buying the remnant of upholstery fabric when we were in Cambridge the other week and am so glad I did buy it. It was a bit expensive but it’s gorgeous.

I have all of the pieces cut out for a bucket bag in the same fabric but never got around to stitching it up at the weekend so maybe Thursday. I did start knitting instead and am making a jacket to go with the bootees I knitted before.

Look out for that next time.

I have also been playing aroung with these Online image generators for our 23 things and have come up with some good bits that I can print off onto card and give with my handmade bits and bobs. ( I have posh sew in labels already for my knitting!)

I made them at

Also for my library chums, heres one for you…………….


One thought on “Back again…

  1. Hi, just admiring your courtyard bag! You’ve managed to create some lovely bags, these are the things i am going to do when i retire… only got a few years to go. (13)…. perhaps I’ll get the mothballs out.

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