Before I get started

If you do bother to read this, and you obviously are bothering. Thank You.

You will already have gathered that apart from a family gathering on Easter I fully intend to spend my time making things. Once I have the washing done and the bedding changed and other boring bits of housework that is. I have picked up my car from the garage this morning after it’s service and after a morning at work so today is pretty much done for now. Unless I shove the washing in the machine now and not wait….. Oh decisions, decisions.

I have a few more snaps to put up for you of my efforts so far. Remember the gals at the library have said they like these so I’m spurred on for future makes.

Could even get some bakes in this weekend as well, you never know. I have just bought eggs as I thought we didn’t have any only to find someone else has as well. Hey-Ho!

The excitement of buying magnetic bag closures!

Of course Charlie had to get in on the act as well. Before you all go aaahhh, Remember! he’s really a demon dressed in a cute ginger and white  furry outfit.

As he coyly looks away from the camera............

And last but not least…………

Looks better in reality. The photo doesn't do it justice.


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