As Busy as a Bee

Well, that sums things up at the moment.

I have so many things that I want to do but not really enough time. Sometimes work does get in the way but then the brain is still whizzing around at the same time so I can’t complain.

I have been knitting quite a bit lately but I have made another couple of bags.

This is the first one……

The Bucket Bag

It’s made with the same fabric as the previous bag but the lining is actually curtain lining left over from when I made our living room curtains. No-one will ever know. Ssshhhh.

I bought the cord for the handles when we were in Cambridge the other week. I actually bought it before the fabric but it goes really well with the sage green corduroy I have as well.

The handles are long enough to pop the bag over your shoulder but they are short enough not to drag on the floor if dangled daintily from your hand. I’m more of a shoulder slinger myself but as I don’t know who will be the recipient I’ll allow for either.

Last week I saw the Adventuring Old Bag and her daughter. Holly wanted a bag for her new DS and has taken a bit of a shine to her Mum’s bag which you can see on her blog. I said that I could make her a bag and here my friends is the result.

The pink canvas is one of my charity shop finds last week and the spotty stuff, well thats leftover tea towel from my apron making exploits. I don’t throw anything away!

I based the shape on her mum’s bag but have made a spotty pocket on the front and given it a magnetic clasp. It sits really nicely and I have stitched a few inches on each side so the sides don’t flop outwards when it’s open.

I’m really pleased with it but as I haven’t given it to Holly yet my happiness might be a bit premature.

Maybe I shouldn’t be putting it on the blog yet but Oh! live dangerously. It’s as dangerous as life gets.

Anyway, I have had a rather productive weekend as I have hoovered the house from top to bottom and caught up with all of the washing. I can actually see the bottom of the washing basket but as Simon has just gone to work and started another week of uniform wearing then I’m sure it won’t be long before I have another basket full of shirts and underwear.

Oh well, time to relax for the rest of the afternoon. After I’ve put out the recycling that is.

Martini Time


Well it made me laugh.

I thought that I would just make a very quick comment as i’ve been a tad on the busy side and haven’t been even looking at the internet this week.
I have been making though.
I have made yet another bag. I know it’s not really a surprise is it!
The photo will appear next time.
I’ve designed a bag for my little friend Holly but at the moment it’s just a sketch on a piece of paper.
I’ll attempt a paper pattern and some stitiching at the weekend.
I went to a couple of charity shops and managed to get some really nice fabric at a very reasonable price and one of the pieces is ideal. Not only is it pink and every little girl loves pink, but it’s a thick canvas. Perfect for a sturdy bag to carry your DS about in. Just need to decide what I’m going to line it with!
In the meantime I’ve been doing a bit more knitting and doing some flipping about on Youtube.
Found a couple of things and am going to share it with you.

The first is this Japanese Gameshow which is hilarious and I’m hoping that none of the borrowers watch this and get ideas!!!!!

The second one is a short Finnish film which any crafter or knitter will love.

It’s called “The Last Knit”


Back again…

Guess who? I know, daft question.

Well hopefully you’ve all eaten your Easter eggs and are now felling full and lazy. Well, I was feeling a tad lazy this weekend, the two of us don’t get that much time off together because of |Simon’s shifts so i didn’t think I could shut myself away sewing for the whole weekend. And we had to do the obligatory family thing on Sunday so that was a day when nothing could be done.

Anyway, I have some photos in hand to post of my latest makes and on Saturday I did make Simon a laptop bag. He was given a choice of fabrics and I have to say he chose well. Mind you, if he hadn’t I would have just made it in a better choice and not said anything. Whoops.

Black needlecord with a spotty lining and a contrasting pocket edging

the finished laptop bag. Black needlecord.

With yet another library book!

With the actual library book the idea came from. Didn’t follow the instructions though. What a rebel. Worked it out myself and measured the laptop to make sure it would be the right size. Nice book though. It has a pattern for a camera bag which I might have to make myself.

Here is also the bag that I made the other week that I have decided to keep for my very very own.

In my courtyard. (Sounds so much better than backyard)

The flap. With a self covered button to match....

the lining.

I lined it in a really nice dress fabric, gave it a magnetic clasp and a self covered button on the flap as it needed just a bit of something.

I dithered over buying the remnant of upholstery fabric when we were in Cambridge the other week and am so glad I did buy it. It was a bit expensive but it’s gorgeous.

I have all of the pieces cut out for a bucket bag in the same fabric but never got around to stitching it up at the weekend so maybe Thursday. I did start knitting instead and am making a jacket to go with the bootees I knitted before.

Look out for that next time.

I have also been playing aroung with these Online image generators for our 23 things and have come up with some good bits that I can print off onto card and give with my handmade bits and bobs. ( I have posh sew in labels already for my knitting!)

I made them at

Also for my library chums, heres one for you…………….

Trying Again…..

Well, I failed the first time so I’m having another go. I managed to do my flash flowers, see below, although It’s coming up on this laptop and not on Simon’s!!!! Let me know if it’s not there? Please.

I have been playing with one of the online image generators for our 23 things project and have come up with something eastery, well, if it works.

Here goes….

I went tp the following site

It might be the only chocolate I get!

I also went to another site and made my name in monsters! Don’t ask why? Anyway it isn’t in a form that I can upload so you’ll never see it.

Before I get started

If you do bother to read this, and you obviously are bothering. Thank You.

You will already have gathered that apart from a family gathering on Easter I fully intend to spend my time making things. Once I have the washing done and the bedding changed and other boring bits of housework that is. I have picked up my car from the garage this morning after it’s service and after a morning at work so today is pretty much done for now. Unless I shove the washing in the machine now and not wait….. Oh decisions, decisions.

I have a few more snaps to put up for you of my efforts so far. Remember the gals at the library have said they like these so I’m spurred on for future makes.

Could even get some bakes in this weekend as well, you never know. I have just bought eggs as I thought we didn’t have any only to find someone else has as well. Hey-Ho!

The excitement of buying magnetic bag closures!

Of course Charlie had to get in on the act as well. Before you all go aaahhh, Remember! he’s really a demon dressed in a cute ginger and white  furry outfit.

As he coyly looks away from the camera............

And last but not least…………

Looks better in reality. The photo doesn't do it justice.