Ok. I have been away for a few days to visit family in sunny Cambridgeshire (Yes, it was warm and sunny and we were wandering about without coats!) going to a Half Man Half Biscuit gig and generally wandering about reminiscing and meeting up with old friends and ex colleagues.

While doing the family bit and some frequenting of public houses, Simon and my youngest brother Peter decided that I should change the name of my blog slightly. If you hadn’t noticed then shame on you.

This was due to the fact of my other hobby which is being encouraged by others rather than as with the knitting where people just look at me in a slightly sad way with raised eyebrows and a smile. You know who you are!

The other hobby in question is cocktail making. I have to agree with both Simon and Peter that yes, they should be involved a bit more.

Hence the new title thought up by them. I quite like it but don’t tell them that.

So here it is……

Blue Sunset

Unfortunately the camera does NOT do the colour justice. It was more of a turquoise than blue. The colour of the sea when you holiday anywhere but the UK! But it did taste good. Blue Curacao, Lemon Vodka and Lemon Juice. Homemade Lemon Vodka I quickly add. I have some more Vanilla Vodka on the go as well which I will go and gently agitate in a moment.

I am also including a make as well. Oh Bliss what more could you ask?

Two of my colleagues at work are going to be grandparents this year so it is a perfect time to use up the oddments to make cute little bootees, cardigans and anything else I fancy.

The first item was footwear made in a lovely cream colour. Not the ideal shade for decent photography but it’ll have to do

The finished pair

As I’ve been away this week they won’t be given to Grandma until next week but hey are ideal as they can tuck into her suitcase when she visits. More will follow though as they are ideal items to knit in a lunchbreak or in an evening. One an evening is a good rate.

While we were in Cambridge we spent a considerable amount of time in John Lewis and now my head is fairly buzzing with ideas. Even more than it was before if that’s possible. I did spend some money on a remnant of upholstery fabric for bag making after a long deliberation! I actually want to make myself a bag out of it although it’s big enough to get a gift out of it too!

Oh well. Off to make something methinks.


4 thoughts on “Newsflash

  1. more shaking and baking please. If you had a garden it could be makes,bakes,shakes and rakes! If you gambled it could be makes,bakes,shakes,rakes and stakes!

    1. You are soo funny. Here I am trying to get the pictures looking good and in the right place and you are laughing at me! And no, it’s not with me as I’m not laughing.

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