Et Voila! This is me in the apron made from tea towels.

Plus assistant of course. This is Ponsonby, who I think is probably trying to make me believe it’s time for yet another dish of food.

I’m not that gullible.

He can wait.

Back to the apron. I’m pretty chuffed with it I must say. My eyes are peeled for more groovy tea towels so that I can make more for Christmas. I have a rather nice stripy one that came with the spotty ones. Still pondering over what to do with that. Another bag crossed my mind………….

Not that sewing is the only thing that keeps me out of trouble.

A confession. I am a knitaholic and a craftaholic. I can’t help it. It’s inbuilt. I’m sure there’s a help group out there but I’m not looking. I’m happy wondering what to make next and who will be hte lucky or unlucky recipient.

I am now going to post two pictures of my lovely friend Holly in her birthday shrug. She might not thank me for this!

I made them in the same mohair yarn for Simon’s nieces for Christmas but they weren’t that thrilled. Holly has risen to the occasion and I love her for it.

What next?

Wait and see………………………………


3 thoughts on “Ta-daa

  1. WOW! I’m not sure which impresses me most, your craft work, the quality and quantity of your blogs or just the fact that you find the time to do all this. Well done you.

  2. Loving the tea-towel apron Linda! Looks gorgeous! Would make perfect Chrimbo presents me thinks! Think your site should feature the Christmas stocking you made me, will see if I can add to my site, then maybe you could link to it?? Not sure how yet though!

  3. Your latest bags are amazing linda. I really don’t know how you manage to work, craft AND do loads of housework. You must be the type of person who has to be doing something at all times. I can sit and read for hours which is why i never get anything done.

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