And for a change…..

it’s not a bag that I made next.

Don’t faint please.

I bought these really nice tea towels. Sad, I know, but I liked the colours and I liked the patterns. Spots and stripes, what’s not to like?

My intention was to wrap some of my presents in them at Christmas but then when it came around to the wrapping, I just didn’t do it. It wasn’t until afterwards that I remembered i’d bought them.

It didn’t matter as they were from Primark and were as cheap as chips although they are good quality cotton so my brain started buzzing and I decided to make an apron. Hey! if Martha Stewart can do it so can I.

It had to be unique though so after borrowing another library book ( they’ll crop up quite alot) I did some festive cross stitch grumpy fairies. Well why not!

She has rubber gloves and a mop bI do think this apron is far too nice to clean in!

I chopped up 2 tea towels and made a handy pocket. Stitched it altogether and then used som cream coloured cotton tape for a neck strap and ties.

Well I’m pleased with it.


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