Bag 2.0 & 2.1

Ok. So I have a thing about making bags. I’m not as addicted to them as my Adventuring Old Bag friend but I still like them.

My next foray into bag making came after I had to buy a new sewing machine. My beloved Singer, which I had for nearly 25 years (not new then) gave up the ghost at the same time as my Mum’s. Typical, you go to use it and it doesn’t work. I took them in to the Exeter Sewing Machine Centre as they do servicing and repairs there, only to be told that it wasn’t worth bothering!

Well, what’s a girl to do but go and buy a new one?

I now have a lovely Janome sewing machine, on which I have been playing regularly. My first practice piece was a padded Christmas Stocking for my friend Frances. Well really, how could someone as addicted to Christmas as she is not already have a proper Christmas Stocking? I was stunned. So the first thing I made solved the problem.

Thing is, when you work in a library and have the whole county’s library catalogue at your disposal, you’ll browse. And yes, I did.

I borrowed a brilliant book as you’ll see below.

It is a brilliant book with loads of templates for different types of vintage bags. I was hooked.

I bought some black needlecord and some gorgeous ribbon, as well as some lining material and there is no stopping me now.

My intention for the first one was to make a bag for my friend and then if I liked it, to make bags and things for everyone for Christmas. Well, I do like….. I liked do much that I made a second one straight off for a birthday present.

Everything cut out and ready.

Everything was cut out and ready for action.

The cats were fascinated!

No, I didn’t have a tin of chocolates for inspiration! That’s the tin I keep my sewing cotton in.

I had a change of plan on the handle front as I decided I didn’t like the bamboo handles.

The first bag I gave ribbon handles too, while the second one had cord handles. I stitched along one edge of a narrow piece of fabric, turned it inside out and then stitched along each edge to keep it flat. I even impressed myself!

The first bag

The second bag

the finished article

This is the first one. I gave the second bag to our friend for her birthday. For some reason it did take her a while to realise that i’d made it. Perhaps because it wasn’t knitted!

She did comment a couple of days later. She said it was really well made. A compliment but a bit of a sarcastic one if you ask me. Still, she liked it.

I think I will make more for Christmas. I quite fancy a larger version. Not being a handbag person myself, bigger might be better.

Here’s a picture with my hand in for scale. I realised that the chair in the other picture could be for tiny dolls. Only I would know!

Here anyway is the finished item.

What next? You’ll have to wait and see.

Are you asleep yet?


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