Make 1.0

Well, lets start as I mean to go on.

This isn’t the first thing I made this year but it is the first that I recorded with a photograph! Simon’s niece Laura had a birthday and had complained at Christmas when the younger nieces were given hand knitted presents! In fact she was more impressed than they were but that’s par for the course.

I decided that a bag was the answer for a fashion conscious teenager.

I had a pair of bamboo handles that I hadn’t decided what to do with yet. I know, make a bag stick em on. But inspiration hadn’t struck up until that point. I had some lovely chunky wool sitting staring at me and so I found a pattern for a cabled bag.

Managed to knit it up within the two weeks prior to the birthday! Nothing like cutting it fine is there?

Had some dark green fabric left over from some cushion covers and lined it to give it a bit more stability and Hey Presto!!! A Birthday Bag.

I stitched in a “Handknitted by Linda” label and popped it in the post.

I hope she liked it……………………..


2 thoughts on “Make 1.0

  1. The bag is lovely – she’s a lucky, lucky girl! I have several Linda Isaacson-crafted items to this day. I am a lucky, lucky girl.

    Yummy Drawers looks great!

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