Make it Monday #makeitmonday

Well, it’s been a beautiful Bank Holiday weekend but I have managed to do a bit of making in between housework and going out in the sunshine.

Unfortunately the washing pile grows and grows even though there are only two of us and at least if I stick a load of washing on I can do something else while the machine is doing it’s stuff. Unfortunately I have to wield the vacuum myself though!
I had to get some making done as I have a great nephew with whom I share a birthday and he needed a card as he is about to become 2.
Click on the link for more photos if you’re seeng this on Facebook.


Make it Monday #makeitmonday

I know it’s not Monday but I’ve had to get a new app for my phone as the WordPress app that I’ve been using decided it had had enough and wasn’t letting me publish any photos. So unless I described every single card I’d made, I was stuck.

What do they say? A picture paints a thousand words. Saves a blooming lot of time too.
Anyway, I have bought myself a wire card stand so that I can try and sell few more. My stocks have been built up and I may take them into work and see if anyone wants to make a purchase or two. Fingers crossed.
I have made a couple more cards than these but one is for my nephews birthday next week and a friends the following week so they’ll have to be put on later.