Make it Monday #makeitmonday

Forgot to put my cards on last week so here are two weeks worth.

I have actually put some of these photo’s on pinterest and am chuffed to bits they’ve been pinned by other people.


Make it Monday #makeitmonday

More cards for you. New techniques as well. Inking and embossing at the same time as as an “impossible card” or two.

Click the link to see more.

A wow weekend

Well if anyone out there had read my make it Monday post earlier this week, then you’ll know that I had trouble uploading a pesky little video.

We’ll, I’ve solved the problem I hope. 
How, I hear you cry. In my dreams anyway.
I now have my own YouTube channel. 
I never thought it would happen either so I have now put two videos of finished cards on there which means they can now be found on my blog.
Here they are…… I hope. Enjoy 

Make it Monday #makeitmonday

I know it’s Tuesday but these are the cards that I made over the weekend. I’ve been trying some new techniques as well so I’m starting with a video this time. There are photos as well so click on the link to see more. 

Actually it’s just photos for now as I’m having problems with the video…..

Make it Monday #makeitmonday

Well, I’ve started selling my cards at work as of last Tuesday. Some of the proceeds of the sales from these benefit the library and as I spend a huge chunk of my life there it’s a win win situation.

They were put out at about 2 o’clock and we’ve sold 6 already. Whoopee.
I am so pleased. I haven’t actually told everyone that I made them as I don’t want people to feel obligated, but people have been very complimentary.
I’ve been busy making a wedding card for a friend this weekend so can’t show you that so I’m posting a picture of all the cards and prints we are selling at work.

Make it Monday #makeitmonday

Make it Bank Holiday Monday this time. I’ve been pottering around and doing a bit of weeding and a bit of knitting. Housework avoidance really.

Only made two cards but I have enough now to start selling them. Might possibly take them into work this week.

Make it Monday #makeitmonday

Well, it’s been a beautiful Bank Holiday weekend but I have managed to do a bit of making in between housework and going out in the sunshine.

Unfortunately the washing pile grows and grows even though there are only two of us and at least if I stick a load of washing on I can do something else while the machine is doing it’s stuff. Unfortunately I have to wield the vacuum myself though!
I had to get some making done as I have a great nephew with whom I share a birthday and he needed a card as he is about to become 2.
Click on the link for more photos if you’re seeng this on Facebook.